Episode Twenty Four - Dr Chris Friesen

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Episode 24 - Concussions, Sports and Mental Health

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Dr. Chris Friesen. Dr. Friesen is a licensed in clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, and forensic/correctional psychology.

He works with Professional, National, Olympic and up-coming elite Athletes, as well as Executives, Academics, Entrepreneurs and Writers to help them achieve their personal and professional potential.

Ryan and Dr. Friesen have a great discussion about concussions, the role they play in mental health, how they occur, symptoms, treatment and so much more!

In this Episode

  • What is a concussion?
  • Levels of traumatic brain injuries
  • Treatment, a new perspective
  • Second Impact Syndrome
  • Testing
  • Concussion and mental health
  • CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)
  • Heart rate variability biofeedback

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