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This podcast will give you the tools and resources you need to keep your mind healthy and operating at peak performance.
Learn from others who have struggled, overcame and continue to thrive by keeping their mind healthy and strong.
We will be talking with experts from around the world on topics like; PTSD, financial stresses, sleep, mind-body connection, addiction, depression and fitness.

Dedicated to helping those in need, Ryan Gallagher has lived through his own share of life trials. At the young age of 16, Ryan experienced a traumatic event that would shape his future. He witnessed his father pass away during a heart attack while he performed CPR. Left with a number of dark emotions, Ryan never sought help from a therapist. Instead, he turned to alcohol and extended nights partying as a crutch for anxiety.

Working odd jobs throughout his young adulthood, one day a neighbour suggested he become a firefighter. Thinking this is something he would enjoy, Ryan began training. At 25, he became a volunteer firefighter -which eventually led him to a full-time position as a firefighter at the age of thirty.

In his first year as a career firefighter, he performed CPR numerous times. Each time he drank to cover his deep-rooted emotions.
Not only did Ryan secure his dream job at the age of thirty but he also married his dream girl. But, deep down he was still suffering and heavily using alcohol in an attempt to quell his past trauma.

Slowly, with the help of his wife, Ryan began to realise he needed change. Her work as a sports psychologist inspired him to think about his health internally and externally. He began naturopath sessions, couples counselling, and speaking with an individual therapist.

Today, in his late 30’s, things have finally begun to turn around. Ryan now shares his knowledge and path to finding empowerment through mentoring, peer support programs, the Mental Edge Lifestyle podcast, and charity involvements.

Husband, Father, Firefighter, Mental Health Advocate – This is Ryan Gallagher in real life, no holds barred, his Mental Edge Lifestyle.

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