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Welcome To Mental Edge Lifestyle Podcast

Ryan Gallagher

Episode 1 

Overcoming Obstacles and Taking Action 

David Essel

Episode 2 

Mindset, Motivation and Measuring Success

Jeremy Scott

Episode 3

Optimizing Your Health with

Dr. Callum Cowan

Episode 4

A New Financial Mindset with

Shannon Simmons

Episode 5

Achieving Your True Potential with

Dr. Chris Friesen

Episode 6

The Diversity of Addiction with

Rick Csiernik

Episode 7

Building Mindfulness and Being Resilient with

Wendy Lund

Episode 8

Addiction, Resiliency and Hope with

Chris Howe

Episode 9

The Fusion of Work, Self & Life with

Jason Valadao

Episode 10

Becoming Your True Self with

Denis Vachon

Episode 11

Balance and Focus in Life and Sport with

Sarah Gallagher

Episode 12

The Sound of Support with

Jeff Adams


Episode 13

A Business Mindset with

Chris Carter

Episode 14

The Importance of Time

Ryan Gallagher

Episode 15

Beating Burnout with

Nikole Stanfield

Episode 16

The Value of Self-Care

Stephanie Kersta

Episode 17

Warrior Leadership

JB Spisso

Episode 18

Be The Project Manager of Your Life

Scott Hewlett

Episode 19

Rebuilding Your Brain for Resilience

DeAnn Wandler-Vukovich

Episode 20

The Importance of Sleep

Dr Callum Cowan

Episode 21

The Importance and Impact of Telling Your Story

Michael Landsberg

Episode 22

It’s Not About Being Tough

Chris Malarchuk

Episode 23

Implementing Physical and Mental Health Education in the Fire Service

Annette Zapp

Episode 24

Concussions, Sports and Mental Health

Dr Chris Friesen

Episode 25

Human Resilience and Mental Strength

Ben Fanelli

Episode 26

Developing Gratitude and Resiliency

Janice Landray

Episode 27

How Vulnerability Creates Safety and Healing

Theo Fleury

Episode 28

Leaders are Always Learning

JB Spisso

Episode 29

“I Will Find a Way..”

Ben Harrow

Episode 30

Take a Chance on Yourself

Vernon Brown

Episode 31

Losing Sight of Yourself & The Opinions of Others

Jon Lounsbury

Episode 32

Fasting, Longevity an Supplements with Dr Callum Cowan

Episode 33

The Rewards of Perseverance with Adam Schafer

Episode 34

Losing Sight yet Gaining Vision with Jill Wheatley

Episode 35

Pushing Through with Joshua Cassidy

Episode 36

Talking About It with Brent Hayden

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