May 7, 20190

In todays world, one of the most important topics to bring positivity in the lives of a human being is resilience. It is the ability of a person to recover from harsh experiences and tragedies. Sure, many of us in todays world undergo such circumstances when destiny takes a sharp turn. This is normal, as in general, life is not a bed of roses and we all go through difficult times. Sometimes we go through these difficulties as a nation, or as a crew, or as a team, and sometimes alone. But the matters most here is understanding how we can recover from setbacks and most importantly how do we do so?

Being resilient is a blessing

Being resilient is a blessing. Resilient people don’t take problems as a matter of life and death, they know these events do happen and that they do happen to everyone. These people learn from their mistakes and develop new strategies on how to tackle similar situations should they arise in the future. Resilient people are typically more confident and committed, as they have a reason to work and a solid purpose of life and that is, to never give up. They are not stressed out by a single defeat as they have a determination for success. Whenever they are struck by a new tragedy in life, they don’t lie down defeated, instead, they get up and fight back. Most of us, after a mishap or failure, will lose motivation and maybe even lose hope in others. But resilience makes you strong enough to smile back at these crises. Sure, when we are surrounded by negativity, we often get depressed and resilient people also do, but their depression is temporary and get they get back up and continue with their lives.

Failure is natural, be resilient

To fail is natural and failure is a part of life that we all learn from it. You must simply ignore the frustration that arises when a goal falls out of reach. Accept the feelings that come with failure, be curious about them, understand that it’s natural and get back up and try winning again. Resilience is about fighting through pain and disappointment without letting others crush your spirit, and research continues to uncover what resilient people do as they persist after missteps, accidents, and trauma. Stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinarily challenging circumstances prove that disasters can be overcome and can even make one stronger. There are many stories of such brilliant people that we never knew what they were going through and when we knew, we made them a role model for us, making us believe in ourselves, letting us strive hard for victory and never give up on our dreams. Everyone is likely to experience a traumatic event in their life; it is almost unavoidable. Everyones experience of traumatic events will be different. Resilience isn’t about “toughing it out”. Resilient individuals will still feel sad, angry, or frustrated when faced with a setback. But they find ways to move forward, to tackle challenges with creativity, hope, and a positive attitude.

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