Episode Twenty Six - Janice Landry

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Episode 26 - Developing Gratitude and Resiliency

On this episode Ryan is joined by Janice Landry. Janice is an award-winning writer and journalist whose non-fiction work primarily focuses on mental health and wellness.

She started writing books to honour her late father, Capt. Basil (Baz) Landry M.B., of the former Halifax Fire Department, now Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE). HRFE is the oldest fire service in Canada. Capt. Landry was awarded the Medal of Bravery by the Canadian government, in 1980, for his part in rescuing an eight-week-old baby from a horrific 1978 Halifax house fire.

Most of Landry’s books include multiple interviews with Canadian first responders, emergency personnel, and their loved ones – as she advocates nationally for better support, education, and pre-emptive training for people across agencies, backgrounds, and careers, who work around trauma. She has recently completed her fifth book (2019) which focuses on two key cornerstones in mental health and wellness: gratitude and resiliency.

On this episode: 

  • Feeling of gratitude for her dad
  • An invitation and opportunity to examine life
  • Where Janice learned the art of perseverance
  • Experiences that taught her artistically, creatively and journalistically
  • How we can benefit from failures and trauma

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