Episode Twenty Seven - Theo Fleury

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Episode 27 - How Vulnerability Creates Safety & Healing

On this episode, Ryan is joined by Theo Fleury.

Theo is a expert in the field of Relational Trauma, and is a Mental Health advocate. Theo is an NHL Stanley Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and World Cup Junior Champion.

Today, Theo defines himself as a victor over trauma and addiction, and a facilitator to those still trying to find their way.

Theo has been awarded the Canadian Humanitarian Award and the Queens Jubilee Medallion. He is a Siksika Nation Honorary Chief and recipient of the Aboriginal Indspire Award.

In this episode:

  • Theo, off the ice
  • The early years, trauma at home and at the rink
  • Collecting tools for sobriety
  • Vulnerability
  • Compassion, forgiveness and opportunities for growth
  • Self-care
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Effective leadership
  • Hockey talk
  • Grateful for adversity

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