Episode Twenty One - Michael Landsberg

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Episode 21 - The Importance & Impact of Telling Your Story

On this episode Ryan is joined by Michael Landsberg.

Michael is a mental health advocate and founder of Sick Not Weak, a not-for-profit corporation who’s objective is to help people understand that mental illness is a sickness, NOT a weakness and to be a community of people who come to gain strength, and stay to give strength.

In addition, Michael is a Canadian Sports Journalist, and host of TSN’s First Up with Landsberg and Colaiacovo.

Ryan and Michael have an open and honest conversation about their own mental health, breaking the stigma, the importance of sharing your story and much more… 

In this Episode 

  • Michael’s start in broadcasting
  • TSN, OTR
  • Anxiety & Depression re-surface
  • In so much pain
  • Helping people to feel understood
  • A life changing story
  • Sharing with others
  • Breaking the stigma
  • Treatment
  • Embracing other peoples challenges
  • Sick Not Weak 
  • OTR Favourite guests
  • OTR Challenging guest
  • Grateful for adversity

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