Episode Twenty Five - Ben Fanelli

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Episode 25 - The Power of Human Resilience

On this episode Ryan is joined by Ben Fanelli. While pursuing his masters in Psychology. Ben is trying to tackle one of modern day’s biggest issues. The issue is that many people are living with subclinical issues that are stopping them from reaching their full potential. Ben believes the reason for his recovery was due to the support he had around him. This has motivated him to learn and share as much as he can about human resilience and the power of the mind. This is what drives him to jump out of bed every morning. Ben is excited by the opportunity to empower people to awaken the hero within.

On this episode:

  • Obsession over hockey or ego
  • Self defense mechanism
  • The importance of blunt, hard work
  • Being connected all the time, is it a good thing?
  • The risk of deterioration of cognitive abilities
  • Importance of having support groups
  • Value of engaging in different conversations

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