Episode Thirty Three - Adam Schafer

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Episode 33 - The Rewards of Perseverance

On this episode, Ryan is joined by Adam Schafer, one of three hosts of the hugely popular Mind Pump Podcast. Adam has also been a lifelong entrepreneur, professionally certified fitness instructor and father.

Adam speaks of his experiences dealing with the trauma of losing his father to suicide very early on his life, how he overcame his struggles to become the person he is today, his thoughts on being a father and, of course, fitness.

In this Episode:

  • Processing and coping with the loss of a parent to suicide at an early stage and how that led to Adam becoming more self-aware, compassionate, and vulnerable as a person.
  • Finding reasons to be grateful for adversity and turning resentment into an opportunity for growth.
  • The evolution of your perspective on your own life events.
  • The strength of the human survival instinct and how ‘survival mode’ changes the way you behave.
  • Recognizing your strengths and appreciating your personal successes.
  • The role of spirituality in coping with life and adversity, and finding a way.
  • Learning to look at the silver linings in every situation.
  • Finding balance in the face of hypocrisy.
  • Putting self-awareness ahead of instinctual reactions to be open minded.
  • The thought process behind the Mind Pump Podcast and what brings the team together.
  • The growth process of a trainer.
  • Looking past physical appearances to understand the importance of mental health in your overall wellbeing.
  • Sharing your story and talking about your experiences.
  • Accepting how external situations affect you and controlling your reactions to challenging situations by being self-aware.
  • Reflecting on how your day has gone every night to unpack your behaviours and understand why you acted the way that you did.
  • Training yourself to catch yourself engaging in behaviours you want to root out.
  • Parenthood and the impact of Adam’s past on the kind of father that he is.
  • Balancing the human desire to provide for your children and providing the right amount of adversity to develop their personality and work ethic.
  • Appreciating the role your negative traits have played in your life.

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