Episode Thirty Five - Joshua Cassidy

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Episode 35

On this episode, Ryan speaks with Canadian Paralympian and athlete Josh Cassidy, winner of both the London and Boston Marathons.

In this episode:

  • Being diagnosed with neuroblastoma at birth and given a very low chance of survival, and how that affected the rest of his life by resulting in paralysis in his legs following remission.
  • How his cancer helped Josh understand the realities of life at an early age, and how to get over some of the obstacles that life throws your way.
  • Growing up in a large family that moved around a lot and how it helped Josh learn to adapt at an early age.
  • Dealing with ignorance and hostility from the children his age, and how his siblings dealt with the difficult questions they were asked about their brother. Feeling compassion for the people who made fun of him.
  • Find the balance between getting support and providing support in his role as the oldest child in the family.
  • The evolution of the feeling of gratitude for the people in your life that support you, your progress, and the little wins in life.
  • The people and events that started steering Josh towards becoming the multi-award winning, record holding Paralympian that he is today.
  • Josh’s career highlights and the achievements of which he is most proud.
  • Getting through rough patches and avoiding getting stuck in the “why me” attitude.
  • Remembering and recognising your successes to get you through coming adversities.
  • Picking yourself up and using your setbacks to fuel your fire.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on Josh as an athlete, on the sporting calendar, and how people like him have adapted to prepare for the future and racing once again.

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