Episode Seven

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Episode 7 - Building Mindfulness and Being Resilient with Wendy Lund

On this episode Ryan is joined by Wendy Lund, RN, BScN, MSc in Mindfulness Studies. Wendy has over 30 years of experience as a Professor of Nursing and Paramedicine.

Wendy has studied and practised mindfulness, compassion and resiliency for over 12 years now. In her thesis, she investigated the experience of trauma in First Responders looking to build a case for why proactive strategies matter in vulnerable sectors.

After completing her rare degree in Mindfulness Studies in 2017, Wendy retired from academia to launch Wellth Management Inc, a company that helps organisations to redefine wealth and help foster psychological safety and well-being in the workplace.  She has trademarked one of the first proactive programs that helps to understand how to create mental wellbeing (in the absence of disease) and why doing it proactively matters; especially with First Responders.

Reach for Resiliency [R4R] is a 16 hour program that is now available to any corporation or organisation in person and online (January 2020).

A free mini-course of R4R can be trialed at www.wellthmanagement.ca

“When you teach first responders how to manage a difficult airway, you save patients lives.  When you teach them how to manage a difficult emotion, you save theirs”  -Wendy Lund

In this Episode

  • Ryan’s experience in Wendy’s course
  • Mindfulness tools Wendy’s background and how Wellth Management began
  • What is mindfulness?
  • How we can get started
  • Awareness & gratitude

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