Episode Fifteen - Nikole Stanfield

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Episode 15 - Beating Burnout

On this episode Ryan is joined by Nikole Stanfield. In 2014 Nikole left the 9-5 world and jumped into entrepreneurship. Quickly, her business was successful but led to burnout in 2018. Needing to find a solution, Nikole built a system to beat that burnout and now helps others to do the same with her 9 step program.

In this Episode

  • Jumping in to entrepreneurship
  • Burnout, anger and resentment
  • Time off was not enough
  • Getting past burnout
  • 9 step approach
  • The importance of meditation
  • Simple habits
  • Balance – fun, self-care and downtime
  • Prioritizing you
  • Saying no – guilt free
  • Sharping your intuition

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