May 7, 20190

NOT being afraid to fail so you can learn and better yourself. 

Have you ever felt down and depressed just because you failed at some point of your life when you never thought you would? Well, we all have had such a tragic experience at some unlucky point of our lives too and It’s quite normal to hit a roadblock or fail at something. You should not dwell on your mistakes or belittle yourself for not doing things right. Failing is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, failing is what makes us human, because no one is perfect. If you keep on trying and don’t give up, there is no power on earth that can stop you, from achieving what you want.

Failure is natural, don’t feel depressed about it

When we fail, we often feel disappointed and do not wish to proceed on the path in which we once failed. Some people’s words and some of our own superstitions and misconceptions lead us to think that we are a failure or a disgrace to ourselves. But that’s not true, as sometimes, a valuable lesson is taught by failure which makes us learn from our mistakes and ways to overcome them. Life is like a game, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win but the real deal is, if you fail and don’t accept failure, you are not a failure, but if you failed and you accept your defeat, then this might be considered failing.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Dealing with hardships and failing makes a person strong both physically and mentally. It gives a person an urge to try again and continue with their lives. There are many examples of successful people who were once rejected, either on one or several different occasions of their lives. For example, Jack Ma, the founder of Ali baba. He was rejected again and again on thirty different platforms but didn’t lose hope, never gave up on his dreams and became one of the richest men in Asia. Then Elon Musk, who couldn’t find a job and now has his own company where people work for him. Bill Gates, who left Harvard University and was criticized several times on his idea and now, he became the reason why we all can use Microsoft tools and many more. But to think they had not failed even once, or didn’t think of trying something new would be wrong, as these guys would not have been the great and influential people today if they hadn’t have failed once or more in their lives.

Failing is indeed one of the worst feelings ever, no doubt about that. But once you’ve gotten over the fact that you’ve failed, you might realize that your way of approaching the situation wasn’t the right one, so you start thinking about how to reach your goal by using a different way and that is a creative kind of way. Failure will teach you to be flexible and this is an important skill when it comes to being successful. So, don’t be afraid to lose as “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.

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